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Olea Createathon Workshops

An interactive and innovative workshop designed by Olive Halsall (Mphil, Cantab).


Unleash your creative competitiveness through language. 


  • 1h30 one-off workshop

  • 2-5hr bespoke sessions

  • 5hrs+ to go deeper   


For your business

- Team building

Challenge your team to become creatively competitive. Through Olea's Private Joke, the card game, your team will invent words to articulate their strengths, solidify culture, and foster a strong sense of collaboration and intercultural communication. 


Your business can be copied, but your culture cannot. This Olea Createathon will leave your team with a language to focus on their shared vision and goals. 


For your school

- Careers / MFL 

In the 21st-century workforce, knowing another language can save your career, enable you to pivot into a new industry, and equip you with robust life skills. Languages make students creatively competitive. Read more about our KS5 careers workshop here.

Inspire modern foreign languages into the hearts of your students. Through Olea's Private Joke, the card game, students will invent their own words, learn up to 8 different languages, strengthen their intercultural communication skills, and be inspired to learn languages. 

Olive came to speak to our entire Year 9 cohort on a Friday afternoon. It was clearly the highlight of the week for many of them: she was entertaining and passionate about her subject, keeping the attention of a group of 140 with remarkable poise, while getting them engaged in a range of fun and thought-provoking activities. They loved the games, as did the teaching staff present. A really welcome boost for languages from an enthusiastic speaker. We would certainly like to welcome Olive back to King’s for talks with other year groups in the future."

Julian Karolyi, The King's School, Canterbury

May, 2024

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London, UK 

Paris, France

+44 7563414137

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