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Education Ltd. 

We are a boutique education venture situated in Cambridge, UK. Serving the needs of (U)HNW families, we design and deliver bespoke, innovative and world-class education to enhance English language and 21st century skills.



English language writing modules that are benchmarked against the UK curriculum and incorporate IQ, EQ, SQ, CQ and AQ. Modules are available during the holidays, or delivered upon request. 



Termly mentorship programs are designed to provide students aged 8 - 18 with academic guidance, homework support and 21st century skills. Mentorship is available during term time only. 

Foundational Pillars


Intelligence Quotient

 Executive Function and Self-Regulation Skills; Seeking Novelty; Critical Thinking; Problem Solving


Emotional Quotient

 Verbal Communication,

Expression and Articulation; Dispute Resolution; Active Listening 


Spiritual Quotient

 Mindfulness;  Engagement with and Appreciation for Nature; Environmental Issues; Questioning

Creativity Quotient


Diverse Collaboration; Interdisciplinary Problem Solving; Entrepreneurship

Adversity Quotient


Acknowledging and Implementing Change; Taking Ownership; Being Self-Aware; Constructive Criticsm

enrolment is ongoing

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"My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since her bespoke 18 hour module with OLEA Education this summer. She is excited for classes and has covered a significant bredth of humanities topics all while improving her English comprehension and articulation. It's not easy as a non native speaker, but OLEA has  vastly improved her confidence ready for the new academic year"

Father of Year 11 student, Benenden

​​OLEA Education的课真的很放松很好玩,不会给学生太多的压力。在Olivia老师的帮助下,我得到了心仪学校的offer,同时得到了阅读,交流和语法上的提高!

Year 7 student, wycombe abbey

OLEA Eduation 的教学方式我非常喜欢,Olivia老师教的东西也非常易懂,老师上课的时候特别认真,我遇到不会的老师会非常耐心的反复给我讲。我特别喜欢上Olivia老师的课。

Year 9 student, the king's school


phd candidate, university of cambridge

meet the founder,
Olivia a. halsall

Olivia A. Halsall (MPhil, Cantab) is an experienced international private tutor having worked in China, Europe and the UAE. She has taught English and an array of Humanities subjects to students aged 3 - 60 + including: 11 and 13+ entrance examinations, (i)GCSE and A Levels, Oxbridge applications as well as teenage academic mentoring. She speaks English, French and Chinese and is an ECT Member of the Chartered College of Teaching in London. Read more about Olivia's vision for OLEA in an interview with LUXUO.