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Girls Night In is hilarious, creative, and human. Why don’t we have a word for wanting to tie your boobs in a ponytail during the unbearable summer heat … and yet the Spanish have a word for that walk you do around the bar to check for hotties? It’s Putivuelta by the way. You’re welcome ;) 


Packaged in a beautiful cherry pink box, all our PJs are made in the UK. As with the original PJ, there are 88 playing cards and 35 individual letter tiles.  There are only 150 of these first edition, Girls Night In games for sale, so grab yours today. 


  • Handmade in Cornwall, England.

  • Private Joke boxes are fully recyclable.

  • Open Dyslexic Font used on all cards and instructions.

  • Suitable for ages 13+ and all language abilities.

  • 15+ foreign languages featured. 

Private Joke, Girls Night In

SKU: 2023PJGNI150
  • PJ is made by the Tiny Box Makers in Cornwall, England. For a holistic overview of their sustainability commitments, please visit their website.

    We've found that PJ can be sensitive to greasy fingers and scuffles due to its recyclable material. While this gives it a rustic vibe, if you want your PJ to stay pristine, please store it carefully.

    If, like us, you want your PJ to be THE GAME that you whip out when the Spanish cousins come to town, then embrace the creativity and decorate your PJ however you want. 

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