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How To Define Your Intentions For 2023: Olea's Top 5 Journaling Prompts

Welcoming in a new year can feel burdened with the expectation of rapid and quick-fire improvements. But habits don't form overnight; they take time to cultivate, they take real intention to focus on what you want, and they take courage to think big.

There are numerous benefits to journaling, not least the practice of writing and expressing yourself (whether in English or your native language - or even a mixture of all your languages)! In addition to improving your communication skills, journaling can soothe your mental health, enhance your self-confidence, emotional intelligence and creativity, as well as goal-setting habits.

Now that the excitement of the new year has passed, and your 2023 resolutions may be waning, what better time than to take an hour for yourself and journal with intent.

So, without babbling along too much, we'll get straight to it. We have come up with five core journaling prompts that can help you make 2023 a more intentional year. Whether you're a 16-year-old Chinese student, a 26-year-old French working professional, or a 56-year-old British entrepreneur, these prompts will allow you to reflect on how you can b