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OLEA Residentials

We organise OLEA Residentials in Cambridge and London to provide an academic haven for our students and enrich their cultural, linguistic and social understanding of England. 

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Info coming soon 

[February 2023] 

To enquire about advertising rates, please contact Olivia directly on

+44 7563414137 or 


We currently offer companies the following 

500 word article (monolingual / bilingual)

800 word interview with thought leader (monolingual / bilingual)

1 x A4 advertisement (monolingual / bilingual) 



  • Meets 3/5 of the Olea’s Foundational Pillars

  • Ultimately educates on how to be more: creative, compassionate and curious 

  • Unique, forward looking and pushes the boundaries of 21st century education 

  • Enriches the curriculum in some capacity and/or deviates away from standardised examinations

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