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Writing French CVs and Cover Letters: Our Top Tips

Are you looking for a job in France? Starting a job application can be daunting, especially in a foreign language! Here is our guide to writing CVs and Cover Letters in French. Let us know how you get on.

French CVs

Although the required content is largely similar, the style of a French CV is quite different than that in the UK. French CVs are a lot shorter and should be no more than one side of A4. Also, whilst English CVs tend to be descriptive, focusing on key skills and knowledge, French CVs are brief, concisely outlining your professional and academic experience.

Here’s a run-down of sections you should include:

1. Coordonnées

In this section, you need to provide some basic details about yourself:

  1. ‘Adresse email’ (email address)

  2. ‘Téléphone’ (phone number) n.b. make sure to provide the dial code for your country e.g. +44 for England

  3. Adresse (address)