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Poem: On Loneliness

Familiar streets, foreign places

became your home. Dreams

you’re chasing brought you here;

unspoken laws keep you here,

surrounded by

endless crowds, empty faces.

Morning train, heavy rain

on the street, on your cheek;

ne t’inquiète pas, they say

tutto passa,

but rain is now storms

of uncertainty.

Vacant stares, crowded spaces

you hear

a sound, a voice, a word,

you light up -

the language of your first dreams;

the words from your childhood;

the sounds from home;


brings you back


About The Author: Gloria is an Olea Ambassador (Team 1.0, March - Sept 2023) and holds a 1st Class Hons in Foreign Languages Applied to Law and Business (LEA) (English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese) from the University of Nice as well as a Master of Chinese Studies from the University of Edinburgh.


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