• Olivia Halsall

OLEA’s Advice On How To Choose Your A Levels

When it comes to choosing which A Levels to do, I invariably come across two types of students: those who know, and those who don’t know. For the latter category, this may be due to knowing which career they want to pursue, or having a strong idea of which subjects they love, and are bloody good at. Students who fall into this category - you may stop reading. Or, you can forward this article on to your friends who are struggling to decide which A Levels to do.

At OLEA Education, we have designed a 3-hour workshop to guide students through the process of choosing their A Levels. This OLEA's Workshop is unique in its process, which encourages a significant amount of reflective writing and structured doodling to ascertain core skills and interests. We also provide structured advice on various A Levels combinations as well as which A Levels you need for certain professions. Upon completion of this workshop, students will feel confident in the A Levels they have chosen to pursue.

If you are reading this and you fall into the former category, know that it is okay to not know what career path you want to pursue at 15. At 15, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for my A Levels, and much to the dismay of my Head of Sixth Form, changed my A Levels a grand total of 6 times in the first month. I don’t recommend this, so in order to avoid bad vibes from your Head of Sixth Form, I’d suggest contacting me to book your OLEA’s Workshop.

In the end, I settled for Economics, French, English Literature and Psychology. The common denominator? I felt each of these subjects would equip me with tangible life skills. I wanted to pop my sheltered school bubble as soon as I could and get out into the real world. The jump from GCSE to AS Level was a challenge. I had to put in additional hours to master the basics of Economics and Psychology which were completely new to me, and French was une autre histoire.

Had I chosen A Levels based on my GCSE grades, I would have done: English Language; English Literature; Geography; History. But I knew myself and I knew the lifestyle I wanted, even though I had no idea what career I might end up pursuing. I also wanted to prove myself, and develop a lifelong study habit to approach new subjects head-on with a growth mindset.

At 16, my priorities were having fun, traveling the world, and making friends from around the world. Psychology would teach me about people. French and English would enable me to communicate with people from all over the world. Economics would teach me how to read the news. My A Levels may not have been the most logical or complimentary on paper, but for me they were perfect. They set the foundation for my undergraduate degree, a 1st Class Honours BA in Modern Languages (French and Chinese Mandarin) with Business Management, and provided the basis for my work-ethic and goals aged 26.

So, the 3-hour OLEA Education Workshop on How To Choose Your A Levels will take you through actionable and tangible stepping stones for you to recognise what you want from life, and how to get there step by step.

In the first hour, we work through a personality assessment and ascertain your life goals to widen the lens of your future goals and ambitions. In the second hour, we look at where your strengths and weaknesses lie, along with exploring some A Level combinations. Finally, in the third and final hour we will work through what university degrees are out there, and the sort of experience you would benefit from.

Upon completion, you’ll have a more concrete understanding of your own ambitions and how these can apply to their A Level options. You will also receive OLEA’s Box with all necessary educational resources, which is a great addition to your workshop. OLEA’s Boxes are made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and are supplied from an English company down in Cornwall.

Get in touch today to secure your spot at olivia@oleaeducation or +44 7563414137. If you have any questions about this workshop, please do call us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Alternatively, you can contact us on WeChat by scanning the following QR Code.

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