• Olivia Halsall

OLEA Case Study (2)

L, Year 11, Canterbury (UK)

OLEA Mentorship; OLEA Residentials; OLEA GCSE English Language and Literature.

L has been with OLEA Education Ltd. since our establishment in June 2021. Starting with online GCSE English Language and Literature support throughout the summer, L has since participated in numerous OLEA Residentials in: Whitstable, London and Cambridge.

OLEA primarily supports L with her English language and cultural enrichment, however we have also designed and delivered four OLEA Masterclasses to L on Biology, Mathematics, Physics and History. Throughout the Christmas holidays, we co-designed a revision plan for the upcoming GCSE mock exams, and L received academic mentoring with two Cambridge PhD students.

“This was a fulfilling and meaningful holiday. Thanks to Olivia for accompanying the children during this Christmas and New Year holiday. We have seen how much effort the two girls made, and through various forms of learning, it is clear that the girls’ learning has been enriched, and that their efficiency of learning has become stronger and stronger. Of course, during such a unique period, the children have and will continue to face many unknown challenges. I hope that with the help of OLEA Education, L can continue to meet the challenges bravely, rationally and firmly. 这是一个充实而有意义的假期收获满满。感谢Olivia 在自己的新年期间以及这么特殊的日子里陪伴孩子们在这里我们同样也看到了两个孩子的努力,通过各种形式的学习丰富了自己的内心,学习的效率 生活方面的能力也越来越强。当然,在这样一个特殊的时期孩子们未来也将面临许多未知的挑战,希望 L 能继续勇敢 理智 坚强地迎接挑战。”

L has also expressed a strong interest in Psychology and Education. Since she is in her final year of GCSEs and these subjects are not conventionally offered at school for her age group, OLEA has been able to support her academic interests through mentoring and OLEA Masterclasses. L will be embarking upon a short research project before Easter, for which we have sourced Cambridge PhD students to help her with. This will be an excellent opportunity for L to engage with.

“I just really want to thank you for everything you have done for us. The OLEA Masterclasses are truly helpful! I am much more relaxed about the exam now, especially English! Thank you so much”. L, Year 11 Student.

OLEA Residentials seek to provide a home away from home for international students in the UK. We guide students through the intricacies of English language, culture, history and cuisine, so that they are better equipped to contribute fully to school life.

“Olivia, we really appreciate your devotion to taking care of the children. L is a kind, sincere and self-motivated child. She feels more secure with your help and support, and has learned to use effective communication to solve problems, which makes us happy and reassured. Olivia 真的很感谢你对孩子们尽心尽力的照顾,L 是一个善良真诚和知上进的孩子。她得到了你的帮助和支持会有更多的安全感,同时也学会了用有效的沟通方式来解决问题,这一切让我们很高兴且安心。”

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