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OLEA Case Study (1)

Updated: Jan 3

E, Year 11, Kent (UK) / Shanghai (China)

OLEA Mentorship; OLEA Residentials; OLEA GCSE English Language and Literature.

E secured a place at her current school with the support of OLEA’s Founder, Olivia Halsall, back in 2018. Since then, E has come on leaps and bounds in her personal and academic development; she is witty, intelligent, kind, a fiercely loyal friend, and has a keen interest in STEAM.

Currently, OLEA is supporting E with GCSE English language and literature, GCSE French as well as 21st century skills. In the summer of 2021, for example, E undertook a bespoke, one-to-one 12 hour program to enhance her English language skills which gave her a running start to the term upon her arrival back in the UK.

E has participated in two OLEA Residentials (Kent and Cambridge) as well as three OLEA STEM Masterclasses on Biology, Mathematics and Physics. These have enriched her experience of a high-quality British education; all OLEA Masterclasses are designed and delivered by postgraduate students and/or alumni from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge respectively.

E’s Father, a successful businessman based in Shanghai and life-long friend of OLEA commented, "I hope E will be the role model for OLEA Education, and those Chinese parents will actively come to you for programs. So it’s much bigger than tutoring, it’s a program bespoke to each individual! 我希望我女儿E能成为OLEA教育的成功范例,其他中国的家长们也能理解和带他们的孩子们积极参与。因为在我看来OLEA教育远大于传统意义上的私教,而是为每一个孩子度身定制的一整套进步方案。"

Over the Christmas period, E will be the first student to participate in OLEA’s 21st Century Skills course, of which some of the bespoke modules include 1) Adversity Interview Project (EQ, AQ), 2) The Psychology of Personality (EQ, IQ) 3) Teaching how to teach (EQ, CQ).

At OLEA, student wellbeing is at the very core of what we do. Hence, student feedback is just as important as the academic progress their parents remark. Of her experience with OLEA, E has said,

"OLEA courses have taught me a lot. The teachers are very enthusiastic and have a high level of teaching. In the class, we will not only review the content taught at school, but also involve related subjects outside of a single subject. OLEA imparts knowledge to understand better. The teachers will also expand their knowledge to learn some topics that are of more personal interest. I like my teachers very much! OLEA的课程让我学到了很多,老师们都非常的热情也拥有很高的教学水平。在课上里我们不仅仅会学习学校里的课程,也会涉及到单一学科之外的相关知识来更好的理解。老师也会拓展知识学一些个人更感兴趣的主题。我很喜欢我的老师们!”

E's Father also added, “Thank you for your meticulous feedback regarding E’s academic progress during the OLEA Half Term Residential. I’m very keen to let you prepare the tutoring programs / content of courses for E, and help her find out her passion / love for the subject which she would love to be dedicated to learning at a top level Uni. " ” 非常感谢你细心整理的E在期中假期中每一天每门私教课程的记录和反馈,让我看到E通过这个假期私教课程后的进步。我也希望你能结合E的目前学业水平,准备适应E发展的课程内容,协助E找到她最热爱的科目专业,以便今后她能全身心地在顶尖的大学里专研深造。

If you are interested in OLEA's Mentorship and/or Modules, and would like to see your child reach their potential under our guidance, please get in touch via email at olivia@oleaeducation, WeChat at Olivia_OLEA, or mobile on + 44 7563414137.

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