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My Top 5 Favourite Netflix Shows To Improve Your Spanish

In my opinion, one of the best ways to improve your knowledge of a language is by watching TV shows and films in the language you are wanting to improve. This is because it not only acts as an easy and engaging way to practise your language, but more importantly it gives you exposure to vocabulary, speech patterns and nuances of that language that you would not have been exposed to otherwise. You could watch the programme or film in your target language but with English subtitles, you could watch it in the target language with subtitles playing in that same language, or you could just simply watch it without subtitles - the choice is yours, but be reassured that no matter which way you pick, you will be without doubt improving your language skills.

This is why, when wanting to do some easy revision of Spanish, I simply turn to Netflix and choose one of my favourite Spanish programmes from the below list to watch:

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

This one is an obvious one, but it is just too good not to mention. Trata de ocho ladrones que planean atracar un banco tomándolo como rehén. Mientras tanto, el Profesor (el “protagonista”) manipula a la policía para capturar a los ladrones. Este programa es perfecto para los amantes de aventuras emocionantes.


This is another Netflix classic which I just had to mention! Tiene lugar en el prestigioso y elitista instituto de Las Encinas y sigue el drama que ocurre tras la muerte de una alumna en el instituto. Para aumentar el caos, tres nuevos estudiantes de clase trabajadora se unen a la cohorte, causando aún más drama y conflicto entre ellos y los otros estudiantes, más ricos.