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How To Use Youtube Videos To Learn A Language

As someone who has learnt multiple languages, I cannot stress enough the value of using YouTube. Why do I stress particularly the importance of YouTube and not Netflix? I do think it is equally as important to use Netflix as a language-learning instrument, but there is one difference I intend to highlight: When you watch a TV Show or movie in a foreign language, that is excellent, but at the core of the script, audio, characters and cinematic editing, it is a rehearsed and calculated product.

That is not to imply that the said series or movie is intrinsically unrealistic, not at all. However, these two categories will always have a mix of actors and characters and you rarely get close-ups of people’s improvised facial expressions that come naturally to them as a native of X language, as well as hand gestures and the lot. Part of being a fluent speaker, especially when native in any language, is the hand gestures and expressions that come with it. When you want a sit-down conversation with a native where they do all the talking and you do all the listening, turn to YouTube.

Once you are ready and you feel you know just enough of the language for this step, I recommend writing “Story Time in X,” into YouTube. For example, you may write “Stroy Time en español,” into the search bar if you’re learning Spanish. The same goes for any language. The reason I advise using Story Time videos is often the person speaking improvises a real story that happened to them as if they were speaking to a friend.

Pick one Story Time to watch. Any. Replay that video a few times until you feel familiar.

  • First, the aim is to just understand this conversation.

  • Secondly, the aim is to absorb said person’s way of speaking and hand gestures.

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