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Are We Forgetting What It Means To Be Human? How Languages Remind Us How To Be Human.

Language is not just about words and grammar. It is about emotions and feelings. In a world of, it sometimes feels like we have forgotten what it means to feel like a human being.

Language is at the core of the human experience.

Think about one of the most memorable moments of your life. There’s a good chance you remember it like it was yesterday. Now think about whether a single word factors into that moment. For some, it might be “Cancer”. For others, “It’s not you. It’s me” Others, “I’m pregnant”.

Humans have the ability to understand and convey complex emotions through language, something that AI may struggle with. Words are so incredibly powerful, but there is something deeper beyond words.

It is the deep and profound human connection that sparks your soul when you speak to someone in their own language.

What happens when you learn a foreign language? You become curious about other cultures that are so very different from your own. You develop deeper compassion for people of other tongues. You get creative and start to feel more confident in the skin of another language. You reinvent yourself through another language, seeing the world through a different coloured lens.

Our mission at Olea Education is to bring every single learner into the 21st century fully multilingual. Yup, not just two languages, three or more. We are releasing a number of different educational products to help learners achieve this in early summer, but for now, we are focusing our efforts on rallying excitement about the (very realistic) possibility of everyone becoming multilingual.

Yup, English kids, I am looking at you. Everyone.

We are doing this through Olea Createathons. And last week, on Thursday 30th March, we launched Olea Createathons in Paris. Participants included entrepreneurs, engineers, Web3 marketing gurus and multilingual journalists. All adults. All curious.

The common goal? To deepen their communication with others through foreign languages.

We initially targeted Olea Creteathons towards teenagers, and while this is still the case (MFL teachers message me!), we are now running Olea Createahtons online and for anyone over the age of 15. Why? Because adults want to learn languages, but they don’t feel confident enough. And Olea boosts their confidence.

How? We help people feel like children again. We ENCOURAGE them to speak and write and try, even if it’s not perfect. We ALLOW them to get creative when learning foreign languages. Confidence is such a barrier to helping people unlock their potential, and we ignite that for adult learners.

So, if this sounds like something you would like to participate in, we are launching the first Olea Createathon in London on Saturday 22nd April. Here is the LINK to register. There are only 33 spaces available, so don't miss your chance.

Everyone has the capacity to be multilingual.

Olea will show you how.

About the Author: Olivia is the Founder & CEO of Olea Education. She holds an MPhil in Education from the University of Cambridge and a 1st Class Hons BA in Modern Languages with Business Management from the University of Birmingham. She speaks English, French & Mandarin. Ping her on LinkedIn to book an Olea Createathon for your school / university / business!


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