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Olea offers two core services. The first is our Olea’s Assessment, which is a 3-hour assessment to determine your teens’ 21st century readiness. This is a prerequisite for Olea’s Oraculi, a bespoke mentoring program delivered by our Olea Mentors. 


Olea’s Assessment
Are You 21st Century Ready?

Olea’s Assessment is a prerequisite for our Oraculi program, or can be requested separately. This assessment is comprised of the following: a review of school reports and recent evidence of academic work, Olea’s written (60 minutes) and oral assessment (60 minutes), parental / guardian questionnaire (30 minutes), meeting with student and parent/guardian (30 minutes), culminating in a 5-page written report documenting the students’ aptitude for each of the Olea’s Foundational Pillars (IQ, EQ, CQ, SQ & AQ). 

Olea’s oraculi
Bespoke, one-to-one mentorship for teenagers.

Olea’s Oraculi is our flagship service. It is a bespoke, one-to-one mentorship program for students aged 12-18. Following Olea’s Assessment, we will design a 12-week module to help you: craft passion and purpose in your life, develop study skills, elicit your strengths and enhance your 21st century skills so as to thrive in real-life beyond the traditional classroom. We encourage students to opt in for our Olea’s Box and at least one of our Olea Masterclasses which are designed and delivered by Oxbridge alumni.


Get in touch with us for a free, 15-minute consultation at +44 7563414137 or olivia@oleaeducation.com


Register. This is a one time fee including our Olea's Assessment as well as the design of your Oraculi.


Choose the intensity of your 12-week Oraculi (1, 1.5 or 2 hours weekly) and your Olea Masterclasses. 


Receive weekly feedback and the highest level of support as you progress through your Oraculi.



OLEA supported E with GCSE English language and literature, GCSE French as well as 21st century skills. In summer 2021, E undertook a bespoke, one-to-one 24 hour OLEA Mentorship program to enhance her English language skills which gave her a running start to the term upon her arrival back in the UK. E has participated in five OLEA Residentials (Kent, Cambridge and London) as well as three Olea STEM Masterclasses on Biology, Mathematics and Physics. These have enriched her experience of a high-quality British education. 


E’s Father, a successful businessman based in Shanghai commented, "I hope E will be the role model for Olea Education, and those Chinese parents will actively come to you for programs. So it’s much bigger than tutoring, it’s a program bespoke to each individual! 我希望我女儿E能成为OLEA教育的成功范例,其他中国的家长们也能理解和带他们的孩子们积极参与。因为在我看来OLEA教育远大于传统意义上的私教,而是为每一个孩子度身定制的一整套进步方案。"

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