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Olea Mentors are selected based on their passion, purpose and personality. They hold postgraduate degrees from the most prestigious universities in the UK (the majority of which attended the Universities of Oxford and/or Cambridge).


Each of our Olea Mentors hold Enhanced DBS certificates, have 3+ years of teaching, tutoring and/or mentoring experience, and have designed their own Olea Masterclasses.

Olea Masterclasses have taught me a lot, and the teachers are very enthusiastic with a high level of teaching. In the class, we will not only review the school curriculum, but also involve related knowledge outside a single subject to better understand. Olea Mentors expand their knowledge on topics that are of more personal interest. I love my Olea mentors! OLEA的课程让我学到了很多,老师们都非常的热情也拥有很高的教学水平。在课上里我们不仅仅会学习学校里的课程,也会涉及到单一学科之外的相关知识来更好的理解。老师也会拓展知识学一些个人更感兴趣的主题。我很喜欢我的老师们!- Student, Age 16.